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When you look at your photos, you're going to remember what it felt like that day. Because it doesn't matter where your place cards were supposed to go, or where you sister put those damn bobby pins, or whether or not your center pieces were perfectly center, right?

Ten years from now, twenty years from now, you'll remember the way you that you laughed together until you thought you were gonna pee yourself when your best friend went off script for her speech.

What you're going to remember is what it felt like when you were dancing so hard to that 90's throwback that you went barefoot on on the dancefloor. It's how you felt when you caught him sneaking a glance at you from across the room. A look only you understand.

Because those are the moments that matter, aren't they?

I'm Natasha

When I'm not getting slimed by my own slobbery dog Fern, you can probably find me (and my husband, Brian) lake lounging somewhere. Serving both East Coast and the PNW, we're Bellingham wedding photographers, and die hard dog petters and donut eaters too.

Lovin' the big moments, the quiet moments, and the silly moments. But especially the in between moments. The messy ones. The moments that are unadulterated and unfiltered. The ones where you are the real you.

Because really, no two love stories are the same.

So why should your wedding photos be?

Let's capture what makes your love yours.

And seriously...I wanna pet your dog.

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