Hi! I'm Natasha

I'm an all over and Everywhere, USA based wedding photographer + dog petter + donut eater. 

My parter in crime and I work and live part-time in our renovated 1977 Toyota Chinook, seeking out the best tacos and swim spots around. When I'm not deep in the woods somewhere, I shamelessly binge watching The Office (you know you'll watch it 5 more times too), finding new donut flavors to try, and making some new jam concoction to can!


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Your wedding day is about you.

I capture the natural silly moments, the BIG emotions, the quiet happy tears, because that is what makes you you. Your love is unique and your photos should be too. I want to capture what it is that makes your love special. What is your favorite thing that you do together? Is it the way that she wraps her legs around you sitting in the grass? What about how the look you give him when he's trying to sneak a last minute kiss? Those little quirky imperfectly perfect things, the moments that you have when you think no one is watching. Those are the photos I want you to have.  We'll spend the day laughing, crying (trust me, I'll cry with you), and everything in between together.