New York Botanical Garden Engagement || Karen + Casey


Karen + Casey are genuinely two of the coolest people out there. They have a pet bunny. Karen works for Google. Casey loves What We Do in the Shadows (if you haven’t watched the movie OR the tv show, get on that shit immediately). We took bets on who would end up on top for Game of Thrones. And when they wanted to have their engagement shoot at the New York Botanical Garden orchid show, I just about cried. If you know me, you know that I am….*deep breath* a plant addict. There, I said it. I’m a plant addict. My home is wall to wall plants. I can’t say no to anything leafy. And it’s basically my second full time job taking care of them.

So a botanical garden engagement was pretty much something of my dreams.


You would never know from how relaxed they look but we shot this on Easter Sunday and didn’t realize that there would be a TON of people at the garden. Who knew that it’s just about everyone’s Easter tradition to go? But with lots of patience, lots of dancing through the crowds, and lots of hiding out in big leafy exhibits, they totally killed it.


We danced in the orchid conservatory, cause who doesn’t love about a million different types of orchids all in one place. Plus, we were just in time for the cherry blossoms to be exploding!


more dance parties under the cherry blossoms.