Mountaintop Adirondack Sunrise Session || Bekah + Kyle

Bekah and Kyle were winners from my couple’s session giveaway earlier in September but we decided to wait until we could really get some fall colors before we headed out for this EPIC Adirondack sunrise session. Even though we were a few days late for peak leaf peeping, HOLY COW, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect morning.

Brian and I woke up at 2am to start this day. And it was worth every. single. chilly. moment on the dark winding roads it took to get to Rocky Mountain Summit in Inlet, NY. Drove up 3 1/2 hours, arrived at 5:45am, we sprinted our way up the trail, and summited at EXACTLY the right time for a few blue shots before the sky opened up for a perfect rosy sunrise.


Quiet moments right before the sun peaked over the trees for us.


“Read each other’s mind through your forehead. What’s the most embarrassing thing in there?”


Bekah escaped to swap into this cute dress (she braved the frosty mountain top temps!) while Kyle and I developed our plan of attack. Cue the tickle fights that lasted for the rest of our session.


Look at how breathtaking these two are!


I’m officially in love with this Indiana Jones hat too. Sorry, Kyle. There’s a chance she’ll never give it back now.

(peep that look he’s giving her too!)


Mountain top dance session while the clouds really started rolling in!


Look at that fog on the water!



Kyle: “Let’s do a Titanic photo! Like Jack and Rose on the door!”

Bekah: “I’ve never seen Titanic…”

Kyle: “It’s fine, just pull me over the cliff”

Bekah: “….what?”



natasha shapiro