Coney Island, New York Engagement || Gisele + Robert


I don’t even know where to start with these two, but WOW. Gisele and Robert are two of those people that when you meet them they light up the world around them. After 13 years together (!!!) they had finally decided to tie the knot, and when we got chatting about engagement session spots, Coney Island was their immediate first choice. An important location to their relationship, there had been many a tender moment on the beach here, and they knew that this was it. A little bit out of my usual outdoorsy realm, I could not have been more stoked for some beach time and neon amusement goodness!

As soon as they rolled up in their tiny bright orange car, that they lovingly called their “Super Safe Almost Death Trap Tic-Tac”, we knew it was going to be a rad shoot.


Of course, the day we set out to shoot was the windiest and coldest we’ve had all season, so they were real troopers and braved the elements for our pretty epic beach time. But what really struck me was just how kind they were, not only to me but to each other. Their tenderness and deep passion for each other was just so magical to witness. For long stretches at a time it felt like every thing else melted away and their was nothing left but them. They picked up shells off of the beach together (gifting me the cutest prettiest blue mussel shell), they had endless eskimo kisses.


Lots of fingers in noses, lots of trying not to look cold, lots of laughter.


peep that Wonder Wheel!


It was so fun trying out new things and shooting at night here. By the end we settled on ice cream time (it’s never too cold out for ice cream), they hopped into their bright orange tic-tac and we said our goodbyes.


I still can’t get over just how sweet these two were. From finding and holding a (rare) parking spot near the boardwalk for me, to their loving caresses of each other, I’m so thankful to meet such wonderful people.