Paige + Travis's Upstate NY Couple's Session


There are so many photos from this EPIC Upstate New York couple’s session that I don’t even know where to start. I've known Paige since we were kids, and when her and Travis, Brian and I got together for this epic day of couple's session adventures, it was pretty wild. Waterfalls, pine groves, a Christmas tree farm, and two of the most wildly in love people ever made for some pretty damn wonderful memories.


Honestly how are these two even real?


Teeth clinking smiles.


Cue my nervous screaming * please don’t fall through the ice * at them as we hit waterfall number two in Chittenango State Park.


Why can’t every shoot could end at a brewery with some local apple cider donut ale (!!!!) and elk burgers like this one did? I can’t wait to start planning summer shoot adventures with these two!

Highlight of 2018: Petting the deer that were rescues on the Christmas tree farm. (I’ve been told that because this one is so old he doesn’t have any teeth left so his tongue is stuck in a constant state of silly)