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How do payment schedules work?

do you ever deliver the raw files?

The simple answer to this is no. My editing style is what makes up the bulk of what you see, and right out of camera most photos looks nothing like what you would expect. But when I deliver galleries I go through every single photo to give you the absolute best of the best and not leave out any important moments or expressions.

My standard a 50% deposit at contract signing, and the other 50% one month before your wedding date. This way I can pay my second photographer, pay for gas, and have everything squared away so you don't need to handle anything afterwards. You can split these payments into custom amounts also! Weddings are expensive and everyone has a different situation so I'm totally up for working with your schedule!



Do you travel for couples? how do travel expenses work?

how many photos do you usually deliver?

This can vary from couple to couple based on their specific ideas, traditions, and wedding day. Large families, big bridal parties, long ceremonies, any additional formalities all tack on more photos so this can vary greatly! I don't believe in cut-off numbers and culling down to fit a certain number. So as long as you're not blinking, sneezing, or coughing, you'll have all of your photos!

For any event, I book travel fees separately from my base packages so that you get the best rate based on your situation. For example, for an elopement in Denver, you would pay my base price for your elopement + flights + transportation + airbnb. We would discuss together what the cheapest/best price would be for each and I confirm with you before I book anything on my end. After we confirm logistics and cost, I send you an invoice and payment is due no later than two weeks after booking travel. So you can estimate this cost by looking up prices from NYC or Seattle to wherever you would like to send me!



how long until we get our photos?

what happens if the weather is crazy?

During busy season I can be working on many many weddings at one time so I don't deliver until I feel that each one is perfect! This means that for weddings I deliver no later than 3 months after your big day, and for engagements one month after we shoot.

No problemo! Wild weather makes for some dramatic and stunning photos! If you're down to tromp around in the rain and snow together I'm totally there for it. If you feel like you don't want to brave the forces of nature we can reschedule your engagement/couple's session to a better day.


what happens if we need to cancel or reschedule our wedding?

Unfortunately in the event that your date changes and you have already made a deposit, you'll need to make a new non fundable deposit for your new date. I book weddings as early as two years in advance sometimes so when you change your date I've likely turned away couples that have already asked about yours! However, if you need to reschedule your wedding due to COVID-19, this does not apply. There is no charge, no extra fees, and you get first priority with new dates.



can we bring our dog to our couples session or wedding?

can you photoshop me to make me skinnier?

You bet'chur ass I wanna pet that dog. Please bring your pet so I can smother them with pets and treats! If you’re thinking about having your pet at your wedding I have a whole guide about how to make it the least stressful for both you and your critter.

I fully believe in self love and body positivity in all aspects of my life and the life of those around me. Part of what makes magical photos is building a relationship of trust and comfort in the time that we spend together so I don't alter photos in any way that changes the shape of someone's bodies. We work together to get past any insecurities you might have, highlighting parts of yourself that make you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. Any retouching that I do removes only things that wouldn't ordinarily be there like blemishes, bruises, a stray hair or two.