Something I could talk about for hours is how to create connection with our couples.

There’s no better feeling than having a dream client reach out, love your work, AND love you!

I mean, talk about a testament to YOU and your business! 👏


As business owners we wear all the hats. When we're first starting out we're often not just photographers, but customer service managers, social media marketers, editors, book keepers, and so much more! But I want you to be able to spend more time being a photographer and less time glued to a computer sending emails back and forth with clients.

I want you to not have to put so much effort into booking clients. And instead book with ease and confidence REGARDLESS of your pricing. I want you to not have to stress about if you need to take a less than ideal client because you need the money. 

So how do you actually GET those dream clients? We truly have to connect with them.

Here’s an easy tip for you that you can implement TODAY: 

What’s one of the easiest ways to create connection with your soon to be clients? By letting them know who you are and what you’re all about! 

Aside from your photos themselves, the biggest reason why clients will choose you to photograph one of the most important days in their life is because they love WHO you are. Not just what you can do. 

So let them into your world! Make sure your “about me” page on your website (you do have an “about me” page, right?) has more than just 

“Hi! My name is _________ and I’m a _____ based wedding photographer.”

Let them know what you love! Because chances are your ideal clients probably love that too. Be specific too. You want to give them as many opportunities to connect with you and your story as possible. And we're not trying to pretend to be someone that we're not just to get bookings, right? We want our couples to connect with us because they share our same values. So let them know what those values are. Give them a chance to get to know you.

I’ll give you an example (you can even go check it out up in the menu bar!)

On my “about me” page, I talk about everything from my favorite foods, all about my dog, the story of how my own husband proposed to me, my love of plants, my philosophy on non-traditional weddings, anything and everything I value. Anything goes! 

And I definitely include lots of photos of myself (and my dog because who doesn’t wanna see cute doggo pics?). Make them feel like they know you before they even reach out. 

Because we don't want to work with just ANYone, right? We want to work with couples that are the perfect fit for us, and feel that we're the perfect fit for them too!

So give your website just a few tweaks today, and shoot me a DM on Instagram @tashashapiro to let me know what changes you made so I can cheer you on! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

xx, Natasha



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