This is about more than just hiring someone to show up on your wedding day, snap some pictures and call it a night. Your wedding day is about CELEBRATING WHO YOU ARE AND HOW YOU'VE GROWN TOGETHER.

It’s about your love.

SO If you’re here looking for someone to just snap some photos and leave, I’m probably not your gal.



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bride and groom smile during speeches at their glynwood summer wedding

So by the end of the night,

I’m not just going to be your photographer. We’re pretty much gonna be friends.

It’s all about the moments.

Never worked with a photographer before? Nervous about how to pose? It's okay. Most of us have never had an experience with a photographer outside of JC Penny. And did anyone ever love that? Let's wipe that memory of what it's like to work with a photographer from our brains. You deserve more than that.

I don't do the "stand there, smile, and look at the camera" stuff. I take the time to get to know how you and your partner interact naturally so I can facilitate that in your photos. I want our time together to feel like an experience, rather than a chore. We make memories together instead of running through a list of poses.