This is about more than just hiring someone to show up on your wedding day, snap some pictures and call it a night. Your wedding day is about you. It’s about your love. If you’re here looking for someone to just snap some photos and leave, I’m probably not your gal.



What we create together won't just be photos, but the memories that you will carry for the rest of your lives together. When the lights fade at the end of the night, when you're done stressing about where your sister put the place cards and whether your center pieces are going to be placed right, you are going to have your wedding photos.

Five years from that day, ten years from that day, you will have your wedding photos. And you aren't going to remember the posed awkward photos you took, you're going to remember that point in the night when you were laughing so hard you were afraid you were going to pee your pants, you're going to remember the feeling you had when you saw her coming down the aisle, when it was getting late and you swayed to the music wrapped in each other's arms. Those are the photos that you will have. Your wedding bouquet will wilt, your cake will get eaten, but your wedding photos are what last. And as your love grows and deepens through out the years, those photos will only gain in value.


I don’t do your typical “stand there and gimme a big cheese smile” bullshit. Because who wants fake photos of some boring interpretation of what your relationship is? The photos we create together are photos that capture who you are together. Of the little things, the in between moments. When he farts on front of you I want to see the crying laughter that ensues! Of how your relationship really is. This will be a reciprocal relationship of trust and you have to be okay with me capturing the messy, silly, imperfectly perfect you moments.

Be weird. Be you. Because every shoot is uniquely different and no two photos are the same, no two relationships are the same.