This is about more than just hiring someone to show up on your wedding day, snap some pictures and call it a night. Your wedding day is about you. It’s about your love. If you’re here looking for someone to just snap some photos and leave, I’m probably not your gal.


bride and groom smile during speeches at their glynwood summer wedding




This is about slowing it all down so that you can spend time with the person you love, experiencing it all instead of rushing through the wedding day to-do list. Together we'll walk through your day to create real moments instead of fabricated poses. I take extra time with each couple to make sure that you're breathing through it all and really being present so that you can feel every emotion. Because you're not there to rush through a list of photos. You're there to celebrate your love with your love.



I love to get to know each and every one of my couples individually so that we can create photos of you that aren't just some typical cheesy smile and prom pose. We'll create photos of how you really are. How you really feel. And that comes through taking the time to learn about you. In our first call together I like to ask about your story, where you're from, what lights you up inside, your pets, your creative ideas, your hopes and dreams. Because every wedding is different, and every couple is different. There is no one size fits all.

Throughout the wedding planning process we'll talk about colors, florals, your inspiration, your personal touches, family heirlooms, sentimental details and creative vision. I want you to be involved every step of the way.

The way i do things isn't the way your typical wedding photographer does. take some time to read through my process to see if we're a good fit for each other.



I'm all about the non-traditional. If the idea of wearing pj's on a bed with your girl friends makes you want to barf, let's skip it. Want to get ready with your partner instead of staying separate till your ceremony? Do it. Your wedding should be a reflection of who you are, not what the world tells you you should want. I'll always be your biggest cheerleader, whether that means supporting your dream to see your partner down the aisle traditionally, or having a totally wild and funky unconventional day. I'm here with you.



I want you to think of your wedding photos as more than just hiring another vendor and making a family photo list. Right now it ay feel like you're just making your way down the to-do list, but your photos will become more than just a purchase. Photos have a way of transporting us back in time, of making us feel. You know those photos of your grandparents from their twenties? Of your parents wedding? Of the silly snapshots of summer vacations from your childhood? Every one of those photos holds a life of their own, and your wedding photos will too. As they age, they will only grow in value as one of the only things you have left from your wedding day. I'm here to create those moments and those memories with you, and love working with couples that understand and appreciate the value of real authentic moments.



Chances are, you've never done this before. So I'm here to help you in whatever way you need. I've been to hundreds of wedding, so I'm always happy to offer insight on best tips and tricks for how to make your day go smoothly, creative insight, what to do and not to do, and best practices. And I can be as involved or hands off as you like. I encourage all of my couples to share their concerns, insecurities, or questions at any and all points of our time together. Weddings are complex creatures, and you shouldn't have to navigate this alone.



Everyone deserves love. I will happily capture moments for any and all humans and will always create a safe and loving space for all who want to celebrate their spark. This is an inclusive environment for all LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and differently abled individuals. No matter who you are, together we'll make your memories last a lifetime.

It’s all about the real you.

Never worked with a photographer before? Nervous about how to pose? It's okay. Most of us have never had an experience with a photographer outside of JC Penny. And did anyone ever love that? Let's wipe that memory of what it's like to work with a photographer from our brains. You deserve more than that.

I don't do the "stand there, smile, and look at the camera" stuff. I take the time to get to know how you and your partner interact naturally so I can facilitate that in your photos. I want our time together to feel like an experience, rather than a chore. We make memories together instead of running through a list of poses.