Emily and Nick. Where do I even begin with these two wonderful beautiful souls? Not only are these two absolute badasses, but the joy and love that radiates out of them is just...contagious. I know we hear that a lot, but it's true. I knew that their Full Moon Resort spring wedding, packed with colorful florals (shoutout to Ailish Floral for these stunning beauties) and ethereal goodness, was going to be a spectacular day. Early March weddings are always a gamble with the weather. Nevertheless Emily and Nick made it clear that no matter how cold, how rainy, how unpredictable the weather would be, they were be overflowing with joy. And just like that, the weather gods blessed us with a warm and moody spring day. We couldn't have asked for it to be more perfect.

Full Moon Resort spring weddings are always a treat. A sprawling property filled with cabins and hills. The babbling creek majestically twisting, and a quiet birch grove surrounded by the Catskill Mountains. There's absolutely no shortage of wonderful locations for photos for your wedding day photos.

I can't thank Emily and Nick enough for the kindness, their calmness. Their genuine joy and excitement to start this journey together, after 10 years together (!!!), truly shined through and I couldn't feel more honored to have spent such an important day with them.

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